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Frequently Asked Questions

Super Simple! Our system analyzes the text you paste if it is completely plagiarized or has snippets copied from the internet. Even short excerpts we've been able to detect and show results for you. The system is widely used and extremely useful for teachers who want to check if students copied something from the internet.
Each search costs $ 0.10 and check up to 1,500 words. You must purchase credits before perform a search.

To purchase credtis, the minimum value is $ 10.00 for 100 searches.
$ 25.00 for 250 searches.
$ 50.00 for 500 searches.

You can also buy credits above $ 50.00. In checkout the system will calculate automatically how many searches you can perform.
You should copy the text from the file and paste it here on Find Plagiarism. Soon we will launch the automatic tool to verify files, but in the meantime, you can simply copy and paste from your file.
We scan billions of pages in internet, checking in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and several others.
Yes. After you perform a search and the system finds results, each result will have a single page and you can either save it to your bookmarks or send the link to someone else. Each result page also shows the percentage of similarity to the searched text.
To measure the size of texts we use 'words' instead of 'characters'. Even so, if you use the concept of characters in your texts, 1,500 words from an academic text average 9,000 characters (with spaces).